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Ledger Creek Cabin is located within a gated resort community.  As such, we have to coordinate your arrival with the management company.  They require us to add each guest over the age of 16 to our guest list.  Please provide the information below for each guest over the age of 16.

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Rental Terms & Conditions of Use

- Ledger Creek Cabin is our personal family vacation getaway. It's expected that guests leave it in the same condition that it was in upon arrival. We understand that accidents happen, please let us know ASAP of any damages so we can work with you towards a resolution.

-Under no circumstances should anyone sit on the hot tub with the cover closed.  Any damage caused to the cover by someone sitting on the cover will incur up to $1000 damage fee.

-We are pet lovers but we do restrict pets to a maximum of 40 pounds. With owning a pet comes certain responsibilities. We expect for you to clean up after your four legged friends just like you would your own children. It is the responsibility of the primary guest to ensure that the interior and exterior of the cabin is kept clean of pet related items. This includes (but is not limited to) loose pet hair on the floors, dirt/debris tracked in from outside as well as any pet waste. Pets should not be left alone in the cabin at any time without being placed in a kennel or crate. Pets should not be closed off in a room as a means to confine them in your absence. If your four legged friend enjoyed playing in the creek, please wash them off on the outside of the home using the provided hose by the hot tub and dry them off before allowing them to come inside. Additional charges may apply for any additional cleaning as a result of stains or messes caused by pets, pet waste pickup or excessive pet hair on floors, blankets, towels, furniture, etc.

-Guests shall complete a pre-arrival questionnaire prior to stay and provide government issued ID.

-Hammock is provided for your enjoyment.  We kindly ask that it be stored inside the cabin when not in use.  If it gets wet, please allow adequate time for it to dry on the patio near the hot tub before bringing it back inside.

-We provide trash bags as part of your stay. No trash/bottles/cans/diapers/pet waste bags/shopping bags with trash/etc shall be placed in the 2 trash receptacles without being properly bagged which are located on the bottom of the driveway next to the basement. The trash company will only pick up bags of trash in trash bags. DO NOT leave trash outside the cans and make sure the lid is secured to keep wildlife out. Additional cleaning fee of $50 will apply if trash is placed in the bins without being properly bagged. Trash is picked up on Monday & Thursday mornings.

-No smoking or vaping of any type in the cabin (including the screened porch) or near open doors/windows. Any odors of smoke inside the property or evidence of smoking within the cabin (or in the screened porch) will result in full forfeiture of your security deposit.

-No discharging of firearms allowed in the community at any time.

-Quiet Hours begin at 10PM

-Renter must be at least 25 years of age. Any minors must be supervised by an adult at all times.


-No glassware allowed in the hot tub area. Please only use plastic or aluminum (or other non-breakable) drinkware.

-DO NOT USE bath or hand towels to remove makeup. Dedicated towels for makeup removal are provided. $15 CHARGE PER DAMAGED TOWEL.

-Use caution when using the fireplaces and the firepit. Be aware of fire extinguisher locations before using these. Fire extinguishers are only to be used in the event of an emergency. It should not be used to put out the firepit or fireplace (unless it's an emergency). If you use the extinguisher, please notify us so we can ensure that we get it replaced ASAP.

-A starter bundle of firewood is provided for use in the firepit and the screened porch fireplace. With enough advanced notice, we can provide additional firewood to you for your stay (see above to order). Additional firewood can also be purchased at various places around town (including the gas station just down the road). Any tampering with the firewood shed will incur a $100 penalty.

-Throughout your stay, please wash and dry dishes and return them to cabinets. Upon check-out, please wash any remaining dishes and ensure that the sink is empty. As you depart, please start the dishwasher with any remaining dishes and our hospitality team will take care of putting them away.

-We provide a grill/offset smoker for your use while staying with us. It is a dual fuel grill. One side can use charcoal and the other side uses propane. We do provide propane for the grill. If you would rather use charcoal, you'll need to bring some of your own or purchase some at a nearby store. We do kindly ask that you leave the grill how you found it (i.e grill grates clean). Grill brushes are provided for your convenience.

-Prior to check-out, please ensure that all doors are locked and if applicable return any keys to the designated lockbox.

-If any furniture was moved during your stay, please ensure that it is moved back to it's original location.

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